New Life for Old Hornby Clockwork Trains

‘Toys of the Past’ has developed a range of innovative upgrades designed to breath new life into your old ‘O’ Gauge Hornby clockwork trains. Customers’ own clockwork locos are completely transformed with a modern electric replacement mechanism.

There are two standard fitments. For the smaller range of locos, a mechanism is installed consisting of a modified electric DC12 to16 volt, 3-rail power unit, custom designed axles, with adjustable height fixing brackets and weighted for increased adhesion. Coupling rods are fitted but the customer will need to supply their own piston rods. These mechanisms are available for the Pre- and post-war Hornby ‘Zulu’, M3, No.0, No.1, No.40, No.50, No.51, No.501 and No.101 locomotives.

For the larger locomotives a mechanism is installed consisting of a much modified 040 electric DC12 to 20 volt, 3-rail power unit, with new modified gear train. This new mechanism is extremely powerful – this being one of the latest specification motors available, with cast ballast weight between the frames for increased adhesion. These mechanisms are available to fit the Hornby No.1 special locos, No.2 locos, 2711, No.2 special locos, No.3c locos and No.2 special tank locos.

All units are thoroughly tested prior to despatch to ensure they run smoothly and powerfully. However, what really sets the ‘Toys of the Past’ units ahead of the game are the beautiful cast reproduction Hornby wheels that are fitted to all the upgrade mechanisms and really add that final authentic ‘vintage’ touch.

Larry Peacock of ‘Toys of the Past’ comments; “The real beauty of my upgrades is that no alterations are made to the loco bodies in any way and it as a simple matter to convert them back to the original clockwork chassis. The authenticity and collectability of the locos are therefore preserved”.

Larry also offers a full back up service with good spares availability for all parts.

Prices vary according to type and the amount of work required.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Adjustable end brackets to ensure buffer height can be achieved when the mecs are fitted, irrespective of differences that may occur even between the same body types

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